Ich werde immer mal paar Lieder hier aufschreiben, die ich gerade höre:


Gute Laune Lieder:


Jesus Jackson- Running on sunshine

The Jacksons- Blame it on the Boogie

Parliament- Give up the funk

 Jan Delay-Klar

James Hersey-So close to me

 Lloyd -Dedication to my ex

Michael Bublé- Baby

Rusted Root-  SEnd me on my way

Eliza Doolittle- Pack up

Lou Bega- Mambo No 5

Jamiroquai- Virtual Insanity

The All-American Rejects- Gives you hell

Otis Redding- Sittin' on

Spoon -Underdog

Monty Python- Always look on the bright side of life

ALoe Blacc- Loving you is killing me & Green Lights

Al GReen-Let's stay together

Roch around the clock

over the rainbow

Gale Garnett- We'll sing in the sunshine

James Brown-Get up I feel like being a sex machine

BLurred Lines- Robin Thike

Lukas Graham-Drunk in the morning

Bruno Mars- Treasher

Jeans on

 Nelly-Hot in herre

Ray Charles- Hallelujah I love her so

Bee Gees-Jive Talkin

Run-DMC- Walk this way & It's tricky

Los del Rio-Macarena

Earth,WInd Fire- September & Shining Star & Sing a song &

Bobby Hebb- Sunny

Cro- Easy

Lady Marmelade

Status Quo- Rockin all over the world

Lukas Graham- Never let me down

The Archies -Sugar,Sugar

Ray Charles- Hit the Road Chack

Natalie Cole- This will be

James Morrison- You give me something

Paul McCArtney-  New


The Temptations- My Girl

Lenny Kravitz-American Woman & it ain't over 'Til it's over

B.JThomas- Raindrops keep fallin on my Head


Robbie Williams- Rock DJ & Hot Fudge

Labrinth-Express Yourself


natürlich gibt es noch viel mehr. hier nur paar tipps ...





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